Our Engagement

  • The Perfect Proposal

    Churon Winery, Temecula, CA

    Jon & I have been dating for about  a year and a few months by this time. We have talked about getting married for quite some time but just didn’t know when and where it was all going to happen. I had told him since day one that I wanted his parents to be there when it happened since he is their only child and would probably love to be apart of it. 

    We planned a mini get away vacation to celebrate our anniversary, at one of our "go to" places, Temecula for some wine tasting and a place we love creating memories. And boy was this one memory that I was never going to forget. We planned our vacation for August 25-26, 2015. I booked the hotel room and got the "date night" package at Temecula Creek Inn. Jon had said, “OH my mom wants to go wine tasting too, they can come with us." So I was on board and said ok (even though I thought it was going to be a nice romantic getaway for the two of us). Luckily I love the Radin's (how could you not) so I didn't mind it.

    So we woke up on the 25th, and I just jumped out of the shower, and Jon was sitting on the couch at the edge of our bed, and sang me a song he wrote for me on his guitar. Of course the waterworks started flowing and I was just like what a perfect way to start our trip. I love when Jon plays the guitar for me, because he is so passionate when he plays, and I guess it helps he looks pretty darn sexy holding the guitar :) I had on some outfit, and changed at the very last minute because I felt gross in what I was wearing. I put on this new white sundress I had bought a few months back and just never had worn it. Jon said, "I think that is a perfect outfit" 

    We headed off to Temecula, and stopped off for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant for some tacos before we started to wine taste for the day. Jon is always a very affectionate man, but I felt he was a little extra today for some reason, but I didn't think anything of it. After lunch we ventured off to our first winery, Churon. From there, we went to Bel Vino, Bella Vista, and then to Chapin. As we finished up our wine tasting at Chapin, we got a glass of one our favorites there and enjoyed it on their back patio as it backed up to their vineyards filled with luscious grapes. Mom (Radin) had been leaving her purse is the car all day since she said she didn't need to bring it inside.....but this was all apart of their plan. As we are out on the patio sipping on wine, Jon and I said we wanted to take some pictures by the vines since they were filled with delicious grapes. Jon said, “I’ll be back I am going to go get mom's purse since her camera is in there" I said, Ok. When he went to the car to get the purse that is when he had grabbed the ring.

    We started taking pictures by the vines, and he turned to me holding both of my hands and started to try and take my promise ring off he had given me. I didn't know what was going on, but all I knew was that I was getting upset that he was trying to take my ring off. After fighting it, he finally gets it off, and drops to one knee. I cover my face, and start to cry in disbelief that this amazing man was just about to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him and take his last name. I black out and don't remember a thing he said, but luckily, mom was video recording it and I did shake my head YES!!! 

    After all the nerves, and tears were out, I asked Jon if he could do me a favor, and he said of course...anything. I said can you please tell me tonight what you said to me while you were down on one knee because I blacked out and don't remember a thing you said. We laughed, and all in all it was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day with the most amazing family and people I love more than anything. I am so proud to be able to call myself "officially" a Radin in September of 2016.

    Added on Tue, Nov 17th 2015